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Pizza Near Me!

In Even today it is discussed if the true origin of the pizza is Italian or is the United States. What is unquestionable is that in this country are some of the best restaurants where you eat.

It is always good, as anecdotal data, where and when a particular dish was prepared for the first time, but much more important is to know the exact address of where to find them.

That's what we are dedicated in to have on hand the names, addresses, menus and prices of the best restaurants in all types of food and, this time, the best pizza restaurants.

Because there are large chains worldwide and especially in the United States dedicated to fast food, pizzas have been somewhat discredited by relating with bad food, not to say "junk", as it is often referred to times. But what real pizza lovers know that not always, or almost never is.

pizzaIf you're in San Francisco a great choice for a restaurant near you is the Tony's Pizza Napoletana in 1570 Stockton St. Its varied menu includes everyone from the most typical and traditional Italian cuisine that can not miss the pasta in all its varieties, from the spaghetti lenguine passing by the famous orecchiette with carbonara sauce.

But if you are looking for is the specialty that gives its name to the house, the variety of pizzas is amazing, starting with the Neapolitan, of course, the Roman, calzone, Sicilian and so cover all possible tastes.

In the restaurants specializing in pizzas they know that the secret is not only in the mass but something basic and fundamental: the freshness of its ingredients. This is something that applied as anyone in this direction, at 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn. If this sounds like street then surely you know what we mean to Juliana's Pizza in New York. Once there is advisable to test their "Julia's" housemade meatballs with tomato sauce, some of his classic pizzas like the Margherita pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil.

In any list of the best pizza restaurants in the United States you can not miss the Giordano's in Chicago. This place has become famous deep dish style pizza, and something we can note in its fabulous menu and its famous stuffed pizza. As in most of these restaurants, in Giordano's you can add as many ingredients you want and customize it, but it's always good to try the style of the house. Also, as in all, this restaurant specializes in pizzas to order takeaway.

The truth is that making a list of pizza restaurants is almost impossible task and should have an exclusive street, but that we here in Tell us where you are, what kind of food you want and let you know what are the best restaurants near you.


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