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Spanish Food Near Me!

Spain is a country with a rich culinary culture although outside its borders (as often happens with other countries) are known very few recipes beyond the paella, tortilla or the famous ham.

Each community, each town has its own traditional recipes, although many of them are the same with specific variants of each region.

Spanish food par excellence is internationally known potato omelette is done in many ways but whose base are the egg and potatoes. The other, as already mentioned, is the paella, a typical dish of rice from the lift area (Catalonia and Valencia, mainly) whose main ingredient is rice to which are added other seafood or other meats and vegetables.

In the United States it is relatively easy, and increasingly, find restaurants offering dishes of Spanish food. In fact, there are some Spanish chef who have taken up residence in our country and who have opened restaurants which are among the largest in the world.

The best example is the chef José Andrés who already has eighteen local open throughout the country and is, along with Ferrand Adriá, the legendary chef Spanish that most times has been considered the best in the world, the most emblematic figure of the food Spanish outside its borders.
Only with restaurants José Andrés gives us and we left over to take a tour of the Spanish food. Let's look at a few.

spanish food near me gazpachoPerhaps the Jaleo restaurant more you try to share the tradition of Spanish food. We can find it in such varied places like Jaleo in Washington DC or Jaelo in Las Vegas. As they say on the website of this place, "The centerpiece of Jaleo Las Vegas is the Paella Grill, an open-fire wood grill specially designed to cook paellas in the authentic Spanish way" and it is certainly a great place for try this famous traditional dish of Spanish food in the United States.

Also the restaurants are ideal places to taste the ham (also known as serrano) with the assurance that we will take the best and quality certification.
But not only famous chef restaurants are full of Spanish food in the United States. Some are less known internationally, but his fame has spread thanks to good customer feedback. One of them, in Miami, is Casa Juancho, where we can test the Galician octopus (octopus boiled, paprika and extra virgin olive oil) or Segoviano suckling pig (roast suckling pig).

Also in New York and Washington DC can try delicious Spanish food in Boquería SoHo, plus Patatas Bravas (Crispy potatoes, salsa, roasted garlic aioli), Paella de Mariscos (Bomba rice, monkfish, cuttlefish, squid, shrimp , clams, mussels, saffron, green sauce), Piquillos Fillings (Braised oxtail, piquillo peppers, celery root purée, shallots, red wine jus) or Padrón peppers (Blistered Shishito peppers, coarse sea salt).

If you want to find more Spanish food restaurants near you, do not stop using our search engine.

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