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In Los Angeles we can find some of the best sushi restaurants in the United States as the Sushi Gen, the Sugarfish or Katsuya with a traditional and modern at once. They will taste the most typical of Japanese cuisine, from rolls of transparent seaweed, sashimi essential. These places, among others, stand out not only by the freshness of its products, starting, of course, for the fish, but keeping a decoration and top quality service.

Sushi in New YorkIf we look for sushi restaurants in New York, the offer is almost endless. It will be very difficult not to find one near our house or our work to an excellent and exotic food in the work we want to surprise our customers with something different.

The Blue Ribbon Sushi in New York has a serve that has received not only praise but awards for quality. Everything on the menu is signed by a master of culinary know how good Japanese Toshi Ueki. In style modernity and tradition that has made this food combine an international delight.

We moving a little more for the map we go to San Francisco, a city that for its multiculturalism could not miss local recipes from around the world and, of course, sushi. For example Katana-Ya where it is almost mandatory to test the house soup Ramen. And why mandatory? We will explain. The Katana-Ya meets most of the topics of an oriental restaurant. At first glance, from the outside, it is not a place you would enter if we were not recommended, and that's one of the amazing features: it is much more than recommended, nothing more and nothing less than the very Michelin Guide. With that little more to add.

Should it be necessary, say it has the main dishes of the purest Japanese food: return to the traditional ramen with miso soup, pork, bamboo and a long list of ingredients but no one reveals that transport us to the Far East, not so if you're looking far one of the best sushi restaurants in If you are visiting San Francisco or you feel like taking a walk around the center of the city, this restaurant is a great choice.

And finally in the capital, you can visit the Sakedokoro Makoto in Washington DC This famous restaurant city both its letter and its presentation. So much so that an appropriate dress are required to take one of his very few tables. It is truly a traditional sushi restaurant, and leap for peacefully to settle in the real Kyoto.

In all these sushi restaurants we find the most typical dishes of traditional Japanese food has become so popular worldwide for its apparent simplicity and especially so healthy ingredients. If you want to try a plate of onigiri, okonomiyaki or any product with a good tempura, you come to visit some of these Japanese restaurants near you.


Sushi near me
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